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Concealed Pistol Home Defense Shotgun Match


Come Shoot With Us

The Concealed Pistol/Home Defense Shotgun Match is a venue for shooters to exercise their everyday carry guns and home defense shotguns and pistol caliber carbines.  Many take their carry guns to the range occasionally, plink a little and that’s it. Nice, but not exciting. Often their shotguns just hide in the safe. Now you can run them in light competition.

Our match has been active since October 2017 and shoot on the 3rd Sunday of every month on range #5. We feel this is a community event, so if you can, please come early to help set up and stay a little after to help with the tear down.

The match is a spinoff of the Cowboys, so even though we use modern guns we shoot lead ammo on the cowboy steel targets. You may not be a Cowboy, but this is the Cowboy Way. Although this is first, a pistol/shotgun match, you have the option to add a carbine, making it a 3-gun match.

Dress: just come as you do to the range. Ammo: Center fire pistol rounds or .22.  Lead ammo, frangible or Federal Syntech only. No Jacketed ammunition!! Shotgun #4 or larger (ie 4, 5,6,7½,8,9). Guns: Double action revolvers, or semi-auto pistols. Pump or break action shotguns. No auto-loaders, pistol caliber carbines. Round Count: 10 rounds including one reload and 4 to 6 shotgun rounds per stage. Time: 3rd Sunday of the month, 7:30 to set up, 9:00 lead down range. Come and check us out or for more info contact


Willy Whiskers          (aka Todo Todorsky)

(904) 477-1066 

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